Leaking Water Pipe

Leaking Water Pipes Willetton


For assistance from a plumber with a leaking water pipe call    0414935499


Inconvenient, but a fact of life which is often relatively easily repaired.  

Having already found where the water is coming from will reduce costs significantly. If you can hear water running but you are unable to see any water coming from anywhere, I suggest waiting three days before a calling a plumber. Leak locating can be very time consuming exercise which will make the water use in waiting for the water to expose the location, very economical. A leak detection service requires a flow rate of at least two litres a minute in order to locate the leak. You can easily check this yourself by checking the flow rate running through your water meter.


Don't worry, if the leak was in the wall or ceiling, you would know it already. Water leaking in the wall or ceiling space causes the area around them will be soaking wet and form puddles of water.  Water leaks are generally outside in the ground.

Wait no more than three days !  Sometime the pipes are under the building (approx 1965 - 1975 buildings), the pipes are very deep, or something is preventing water coming to the surface.


For assistance with a leaking water pipe call    0414935499