Water way / Canning River / Sunset
Canning River Shelley

Owner and operator of A.B.P. Plumbing & Gas since 1996.


I have 30 years experience in plumbing and gas installations, repairs and troubleshooting. I was trained in the areas of domestic plumbing and gas, maintenance, renovations and repairs. Four years apprenticeship training. Additional year of plumbing licence training and further training in gas installations to acquire gas licences. Any work is carried out to the strict bylaws and Australian standards regulations. As such, the job will be done right the first time. All work is full guaranteed.


Please call on 93549991 or 0414935499 for enquirers and appointments.
Plumbing Licence       PL  5667

Gas Licence                 GL  5113


For more information, call Paul on:  0414935499

A.B.P. Plumbing & Gas for PO Box 34 Parkwood WA 6147


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