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Chef Upright Gas Cooker
2015 Rental Property Cooker Replacement

Gas Cookers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, configurations and materials. As with all gas installations, the gas service piping must be sized according to the length of piping and the appliances energy use.


Most common problems with the cooktops occur due to lack of cleaning or cleaning material blocking the openings of the burners or jets.

Inspection and cleaning out the material restricting the gas flow will usually solve the problem.


Some models have a temperature detector next to the burner in addition to the igniter probe. Temperature sensors also can become faulty with age so great care must be taken when cleaning the temperature sensor. Any damage to the sensor will stop the burner remaining alight and a replacement will be needed to remedy the problem.


Ignition problems can be a result of worn out parts or dirt covered surfaces preventing a strong the clean spark to light the gas.


The same problems can also rarely occur in ovens and grills.


Problems with the gas valves turning off or on can be a result of a worn handle or the valve could have become stuck in one position due to dirt entering the valve or the valve lubricant drying out. Servicing may be required or valve replacement.


Gas barbecues have similar problems and solutions.


In some cases, due to age or cost of servicing, it may be more prudent to replace the cooker with a new unit.


Gas cookers have stringent safety regulations restricting the locations they can be fitted.  When fitted correctly, gas appliances are very safe. So please make certain the installer is licensed and competent in all aspects of an installation by asking many questions.


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