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Blocked Drain - Gully Drain
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Blocks drains can be a messy and smelly inconvenience which are an extreme health hazard due to the bacteria and germs within. Before the blockage begins to cause a major problem, please call or click to book
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            The block drain and drainage services include :

Drainage systems have taken on a variety of styles since the times of the Roman Empire. Even in the modern reticulated systems of Australia, there has been major changes over the decades. Many of the pipes installed over a hundred years ago are still in use today. As such, experience is a must when dealing with an obstruction because the drainage systems have changed over time.


There are several reasons a blockage may arise. 

Be warned, the highlighted links to google image pages are for individuals with a strong stomach. Although, the smell is worse than the photos.


Oil or fat  build up, layering, coating the internal wall of the pipe which eventually seals the pipe completely.

Flushing out the material is "usually" a relatively easy process.


Tree roots require an entry point into the drain. 

Ground movement and/oror, roots putting pressure on the pipe until it cracks, or a pipe joint which was not sealed completely upon installation is very common. Running a drain machine to clear a tree root obstruction is a temporary measure. Like having a hair cut, the roots simply grow back causing a reoccurring problem.

The only permanent remedy is to seal the roots entry point which in some cases will require a section of the pipe to be replaced.


Hair is a common cause of blockages in showers and hand basins. This can be simply removed with a smaller machine.


To prevent blockages, all cooking oil and fat should be wiped away from dishes before washing them. Consider carefully the trees you plant in your garden and where they are placed. A large tree and its roots system can also damage buildings as well as the utility lines such as water, gas, power and drains.


Warning. Do not use DrainO or chemical drain cleaning substances if the toilet or outside drains are blocked. It will only make matters worse. 




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