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Dux Water heater
Dux Water Heaters
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Bosch water heaters
Rheem water heaters
Rheem water heaters

Makes and Models


The is much to take into consideration when choosing a water heater :


How much water flow is required at the outlet/s ?

The amount of hot water required ?

What is the temperature of the water required ?
Which energy sources are available to heat the water ?

The energy efficiency star rating ?

Available area to accommodate the unit?

Warranty limits ?
Which unit is the most economical to install in each unique situation ?



Continuous Flow


Compact continuous flow water heater use gas, electricity of both to produce hot water. These heaters have a restricted flow rates to allow the water to be heated as water passes through the heater. Larger continuous flow heater will produce enough hot water to run multiple taps simultaneously.


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Electric 3 Phase Water Heater



Gas Instantaneous Water Heater


Storage Tanks


Bulky storage heaters use gas, electricity, solar energy sources or a combination of them.

The amount of hot water available is restricted by the size of the storage tank capacity. Once the hot water has run out, the unit will require some time to heat the cold water which replenished the tank.
The pressure of the water is usually equal to the cold water pressure.
Some heaters have restricted pressure to reduce the pressures on the system giving the tank a longer life. The reduced pressure is not noticeable in properties containing flow restrictions in the tapware.  


Hand Basin Tap
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