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Waste and drain pipes can block and leak for many reason. Sometimes the repair is a easy as replacing a seal and others can be very difficult.There are times when clearing a drain is not enough and the drain must be repaired. Cutting out tree roots in a drain is similar to giving them a pruning. They will grow back. The access into the drain which the tree roots have found must be sealed to stop a blockage reoccurring.

Drains and waste pipes have been made from various materials including clay, galvanized steel, cast iron, copper, brass and plastic. These materials are all joined in different ways, so it is important a licensed plumber with experience completes the repairs for more efficiently and without any call backs.

Pipe pulled apart by ground movement.

Broken Pipes


Drain Repaired

Drain Repaired



Tree Root Blockage. The bend has been broken allowing tree roots to completely fill the drain.

Broken cleaning acccess pipe fitting with tree roots blocking the pipe.


Drain Section Repaired.

Cleaning access fitting replaced


There are the typical blockages, and then there is the very unusual. I have seen many strange objects in obstructing the flow of a drain. A dust pan brush, large sections of brick (half a brick), building rubble, sand, stones, children's toys, bottles, a measuring tape, a car oil filter .... etc. The list could just go on and on.


Never use Drain-o or Caustic Soda chemicals to clear blocked toilets or the outside drains. It will not clear the obstruction, it will increase the danger of chemical burns to a technician and damage clearing equipment. All the drains are connected together, so if more than one drain is blocked, it is likely the drains outside are blocked.


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