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3 phase water heater

3 Phase Electric Instantaneous Water Heater


There are several different makers of the electric instantaneous water heaters and they all work in a similar way. 
When a hot water tap is turned on, water flowing within the heater will push a value into the on position which turns on the power to the heating element. The heating element is similar those found in an electric kettle or electric oven. 

Three phase water heaters are the least efficient way create hot water, and therefore, the most expensive to run.  Although this type of water heater was very common in homes in the past, they are no longer being used as the primary water heater in new homes. They are still found in older homes but seem to have a short working life with a family of four. Most of them have been replaced with a more efficient water heaters. The water flow rate is extremely slow, approximately 6ltr/min and in times of cold climates, do not produce water hot enough to have a comfortable shower.

These water heaters are not recommended, except for low use situations, such as an office kitchen sink.


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