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Cistern Maintenance

A Crapper's made Cistern

Toilet cistern or toilet water tank seals don't last forever. The seals are in water twenty fore hours a day. They perish, warp and break apart allow a constant waste of water running into the bowl leading to an increase in the water consumption bill, or water leaking onto the floor.

The plastic inlet valves also ware out, partially the new style valves which are unserviceable in some cases. 

Servicing of cisterns and replacing seals is to be expected approximately every five years. Manufacturers of various brands will have different seals for each model, making the variety of parts quite extensive. 


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A Short History of the Toilet


Antique Toilet
Out House

This old Outhouse toilet has seen better days.


Sometimes referred to as a Thunder Box, these tiny building in the suburbs were placed away from the main house, on rear property boundary which backed onto a laneway. The old laneways can still be found in the older suburbs around Australia today.

The seat was wooden box with a large hole in the top. A bucket like container could be found underneath to hold the material expelled from the normal bodily functions.


Men would walk down the lane ways with a horse drawn cart, open the tiny trap door in the laneway on the back of the seating wooden box, remove the container, emptying the contents into the cart, replace container back under the seat and close the trap door. The material later dumped into a cesspool.


A trip down the thunder box at night, with only a candle to light your way, sometimes in rain, snow and wind, when have been a daunting prospect.


Hard to image in this day of modern conveniences.

Pull Chain Old Fashoned Toilet
Old Style, Pull Chain to Flush, Toilet.

Hooray. the first of the indoor plumbing water closet's became possible for the middle class around 1901 -1920.

No more moonlit, midnight, desperate walks in the rain to relieve an urgent call of nature. Indoor plumbing is a very new technology in relative terms, only about 100 years old.


Thomas Crapper (the origin of of the saying, off to take a crap)  of Tomas Crapper & Co.  Yes, it is a real company and is still operating today !

Thomas, a manufacturer and plumbing engineer, it was his nephew who improved on a previous siphon flushing unit, which he then patented in 1897.  The water tank,  shown here above the pan is a sleek and modern depiction of the nephews work.


Believe it or not, old units like these are still in use today, although they are very rare.

I saw one in the Blue Mountains, in a town public park bathroom in 2015. I would often work on them in the early 1990s in a factory bathroom. They were a very plain concrete tank, purely functional and not so stylish.

Toilet suite
Caroma Profile Smart

There has been many changes in recent years. A redesign of the pan to comply with water saving requirements.

As the bowls reduced the amount of water to clear the bowl, the cistern necessary became more compact allowing for some stylish designs. 


Innovation will continue with progressing technology as shown here, a hand basin as an interal part of the suite.

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